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Voopoo Vinci 3 Kit: Elegant, powerful, versatile. 1800mAh battery, Mobius airflow, and 4ml cartridges for a satisfying vaping experience.

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Elegance at the service of efficiency

Voopoo unveils the third generation of its Vinci pod. This new Vinci 3 kit is a bit larger than the last version, the Vinci SE. Even if this new pod is a little thicker, it is still very small with dimensions of 101.3 x 30.5 x 21.6mm. The new Vinci 3 fits easily into any pocket to accompany vapers in their daily lives.

On the side of the feeling in hand and the visual aspect, Voopoo gratifies us with a very beautiful product. Mixing zinc alloy with a decorative optical coating pleasant in hand and eye, this Vinci 3 is very elegant. To finish on the visual aspect of the pod, it consists of a transparent part to ensure the level of e-liquid in the cartridge equipped. A small practical detail that punctuates the positive points of this Vinci 3 concerning its practicality and its visual appearance.

A large autonomy for long term use

On the technical side, the Vinci 3 kit is packed with quality, starting with its integrated battery. This last one is of an autonomy of 1800 mAh, an enormous autonomy for this kind of pod. Especially with a moderate use, it is possible to enjoy this Vinci 3 almost 2 days without needing to recharge the device. About charging, it is done using a USB Type-C cable (included) that connects to the port dedicated to this function on the side of the pod.

The “Mobius” airflow system

This is the big innovation of this new Vinci 3, the airflow system. Called Mobius by Voopoo, this airflow system is announced as increasing by 200% the airflow capacity compared to other systems available on the market for this type of pod. With a flick of the wheel, it is possible to switch from a MTL draw, full of flavor, to a DL draw, for a large vapor production. Thanks to this Mobius system and its two side air inlets, the Vinci 3 pod is able to accompany the vapoteur over a long period and will be able to adapt to his every desire.

To complete the airflow system, the Vinci 3 kit must have a wide range of power and it is the case since it starts at 5W to go up to 50W of power. Impressive figures for a pod. This power is automatically adjusted by the Gene.AI chipset according to the opening of the airflow. The more the knob is turned, the higher the power will be to have a more and more dense vapor.

For a tight quality draw, you should use this pod between 5 and 25W, for a more consistent draw without too much steam, it should be between 26 and 40W. Finally, for a powerful DL draw, you should adjust the power between 41 and 50W. The value of power will be easily adaptable since it is displayed on the screen of 0.69 inch present on the side of the pod. This screen also highlights the battery life, the value of the coil equipped and the number of puffs.

Note that it is possible to activate the vape either by pressing the main button located on the front of the Vinci 3, or by inhaling directly. Vapers can use this pod as they are used to.

The new cartridges Vinci 3

To accompany the Vinci 3 battery, Voopoo has developed a new cartridge and named it like the battery. Made of PCTG, the Vinci 3 cartridges have a capacity of 4ml. For the filling, it is necessary to remove the upper cap to have access to the filling point. This is a suction cup system that lets the pipette of the vial of e-liquid to fill, before closing once the pipette removed. A simple top filling system that will appeal greatly to beginners.

On the side of the coil supported, the Vinci 3 cartridges are compatible with all PnP resistances of the brand Voopoo. This compatibility offers the possibility of vaping from 0.15 ohm to 1.2 ohm. With the purchase of the kit, two PnP coils are provided, a PnP-TW30 (0.3ohm) and a PnP-DW60 (0.6ohm).

To summarize, we are in the presence of a beautiful pod, versatile and very effective. A pod capable of producing a MTL vape and a DL vape with a monstrous autonomy. More for beginners, this kit can also satisfy the more experienced as a backup e-cig. In any case, the Vinci 3 by Voopoo can meet the expectations of all vapers over a fairly wide range, since its versatility allows it to adapt according to the changing desires of its owners.


  • 1 x Pod Vinci 3
  • 1 x Cartridge Vinci 3 of 4ml
  • 1 x Coil PnP-TW30 (0.3ohm)
  • 1 x Coil  Pnp-DW60 (0.6ohm)
  • 1 x USB Type-C cable
  • 1 x User Manual