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The Argus MT is a testament to Voopoo’s expertise. With its maximum power of 100W, its integrated 3000 mAh battery, its Maat New atomizer, its 6.5ml capacity, its 0.96″ colour TFT screen and its numerous operating modes, it is true that this electronic cigarette – which is oriented towards DL draw – has enough to compete with the best on the market.

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The Argus MT from Voopoo : pure aesthetic charm

Voopoo has been inspired by the Argus MT. Indeed, who can resist the charm of this electronic cigarette ? Its atomizer is made of stainless steel while its box, designed in zinc alloy, offers a leather handle that promotes comfort in the hand.

It is true that this kit shows an exemplary ergonomics. All the elements are perfectly arranged, including the screen, the activation button, the navigation buttons and the USB port – protected from dust by a hinged cover – positioned on the front.

The materials that make up this product ensure its resistance to water, dust and falls, so it has been awarded the IP68 standard. The vaper can therefore carry it anywhere without fear of damaging it, especially as it is possible to attach a lanyard (not supplied) and there is a locking button at the top of the box to prevent accidental activation.

As for its dimensions, they are 145 x 40 x 30mm. This device is therefore neither the most compact nor the lightest, but it contains technology that makes it one of the most powerful electronic cigarettes on the market.

One of the most elaborate devices

It is certain that Voopoo did not neglect the design of this Argus MT. They have worked so hard on this kit that it is one of the best models in their catalogue.

To begin with, the Argus MT is powered by an integrated 3000 mAh battery. This means that the user will be able to vapourise for a long time without needing to recharge, which is done by means of a USB-type-C cable (supplied). In addition, an intelligent battery management system (the BMS for Battery Management System) monitors the battery temperature in real time and keeps the device safe for maximum performance.

But the Argus MT also features the Gene.TT 2.0, a chipset with remarkable capabilities. First of all, it allows this device to reach the maximum power of 100W, which is maintained at its level to achieve a constant quality of flavour.

Secondly, this chipset offers several operating modes :

  • Smart mode for the power to be set automatically according to the installed coil
  • The RBA mode to choose its power between 5 and 100W
  • TC mode (Ni, Ti, SS) with the possibility of memorizing 3 personalized vape modes
  • Turbo mode to increase the volume of steam by 25% during 1 second

To control these features, a 0.96″ TFT colour display is available to the user. It adopts a colour for each mode and communicates important information for quality vaping, including the remaining battery level, the number of puffs and the coil value.

Finally, the Gene.TT 2.0 provides 7 protections, including protection against inhaling for too long (longer than 10 seconds), protection against short circuits, protection against overheating and protection against battery overload.

The Maat New for atomizer

And what better way to complete this kit than by combining it with the Maat New ? This high-performance atomizer has a 6.5ml tank, fills from the top and has an 810 drip tip.

And since nothing is missing on this kit, the airflow is present at the base of the atomizer. It is adjustable through a pull tab. It allows the opening and closing of the 2 air inlets while the volcano crater structure reduces the loss of airflow by 60%, limits the risk of leakage, increases the density of the steam and restores the flavors to perfection.

Finally, the Maat New is compatible with Voopoo’s TPP coils :

  • The 0.15 ohm TPP-DM1 coil (60-80W)
  • The 0.2 ohm TPP-DM2 coil (40-60W)
  • The 0.15 ohm TPP-DM3 coil (80-100W)
  • The TPP-DM4 coil of 0.3 ohm (32-40W)

Note that the TPP-DM2 and TPP-DM4 coils are included in the package and that a DL draw is available for the vaper with these 4 TPP coils.

Voopoo has just created a great electronic cigarette, one of those that have all the weapons to offer a high-end vape. Its name is to remember. It is called Argus MT and will leave its mark on the history of Voopoo.

Contents :

  • 1x Argus MT device
  • 1x Maat Tank New (6,5ml)
  • 1x TPP-DM2
  • 1x TPP-DM4
  • 1x Type-C cable
  • 1x Glass container
  • 1x Silicon Rubber pack
  • 1x User manual