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The Mag series from Smoktech welcomes a brand new model, here is the Mag Solo kit. With a power of 100W, this new jewel keeps the ergonomics of previous models with its composition of zinc alloy and leather. Thanks to its materials and its shape, the grip of this kit is sensational. The Mag Solo box takes a battery (not supplied), 21700 or 18650 thanks to an adapter (supplied). Finally, the kit consists of the box Mag Solo and the T-Air atomizer with a capacity of 5ml.

**The box Mag Solo is also available for sale without the spray T-Air.

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Kit Mag Solo : Ergonomics and aesthetics

Smoktech presents its brand new kit of the range Mag. This new jewel of vapotage takes the strengths of this iconic series including the particular shape of the box. Indeed, this kit Mag Solo keeps the ergonomics and materials that make the strength of Mag kits. The zinc alloy and leather handle gives this e-cig a comfort in hand that is not found anywhere. It is a real pleasure to have this box in hand, especially since it is quite light with 135 g without battery for dimensions of 95 x 44 x 32 mm (dimensions of the box only).

In addition to being pleasant in hand, this kit is distinguished by its visual beauty. Beyond the atypical shape, the anodized handle contour marked with the brand’s imprint, the main button neither too big nor too small and the 0.96 inch color screen give a real charm to this Mag Solo kit.

Especially since the screen is customizable to give a unique side to this kit. It is possible to choose between 6 colors for the theme: White, red, blue, yellow, green and finally purple. Flashy colors that do not go unnoticed.

Power for the taste

This kit Mag Solo comes to fill a gap in the range. The latest kits offered by Smok are intended for vapers who are fans of DL vape, fans of large steam production. This new kit offers a power of 5 to 100W, offering vapers the opportunity to enjoy a vape MTL as a DL vape. This versatile range should please many vapers especially as the rendering of flavors is excellent.

To operate this kit, Smoktech has chosen to incorporate a battery rather than a built-in battery. This choice gives a greater autonomy to this Mag Solo, especially since it can support two types of battery. Either a 21700 battery or an 18650 battery (both batteries are not included in the purchase kit). Indeed, a battery adapter is provided at the purchase.

This battery can be charged using a USB Type-C cable (supplied) to be plugged into the dedicated port, just below the selection buttons, on the front of the box. Note that the box has the fast charging technology. However, it will always be advisable to recharge a battery via an external charger to optimize its life.

Finally, to finish this part on the technical characteristics of the box, it is good to note that the chipset has 6 protections to improve the experience and enjoy a good comfort of vape.

T-Air: A beautiful, comfortable and practical atomizer

With dimensions of 52mm in height and 32mm in diameter, the T-air is the perfect atomizer to complement the Mag Solo box. It perfectly matches the design of the box to form a truly elegant kit. Thanks to its glass bulb, it has a capacity in e-liquid of 5ml. A quantity that offers a nice autonomy to vapoteurs, even if, pushed to 100W, it will be necessary to plan a refill fairly recurrent.

But even in this configuration, there is no problem because filling is very simple. Just shift the top cap to have access to the filling holes. Note that this atomizer has 5 rubber rings limiting the risk of leaks.

As previously mentioned, the kit highlights the rendering of flavors for the simple reason that the T-Air atomizer supports the TA coils of Smok. These mesh coils offer particularly smooth and pleasant to vaper, while allowing a good production of steam. Coils versatile and especially efficient in all areas. The purchase kit includes a TA 0.2 ohm (50-70W) pre-installed in the T-Air atomizer and a TA 0.4 ohm (20-45W) supplied.

For the change of coil, the T-Air atomizer is designed to facilitate the installation. With this technology called Plug And Play by the brand, removing or inserting a coil has never been so simple.

For a good rendering of flavors, it also requires a precise and efficient airflow system. Well it is the case of this T-Air atomizer. Present on the upper part of the ato, simply turn the ring to choose the number of air inlets.

In summary, Smok has produced a kit that is elegant, powerful, versatile, ergonomic, easy to use… A list of quality that seems to never stop. It is a kit that must be tested, a kit that will please all profiles of vapoteurs.


  • 1 x Box Mag Solo
  • 1 x Atomizer T-Air
  • 1 x TA 0.2 ohm coil (installed)
  • 1 x TA 0.4 ohm coil
  • 1 x 18650 battery adapter
  • 1 x USB Type-C cable
  • 1 x User Manual