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Egy gyümölcsös forgószél, amelyben citrusfélék, grenadine és néhány egzotikus gyümölcs keveredik, hogy minden pillanatban napsütéses és enyhén savas vape-t kínáljon. \n \nPG/VG : Teljes PG \n \n60ml-es üveg 10ml koncentrátummal töltve. \n \nAz ízekhez közelebbi vape érdekében ez a szukralóz nélkül készült e-liquid garantálja a mesterséges édesítőszer nélküli vape-t. A szukralóz nélküli e-liquidek az porlasztók élettartamát is meghosszabbíthatják. \n \n

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Obvious’ recipes are elaborated and controlled in France by the leading French manufacturer of e-liquids with French aromas.

An inspiration, a heartbeat, summer is here. The memory of the long nights seems both so close and so far away. Flowers open up, colours reveal themselves under the warmth of a new sun as a tangy dream in the shadow of an orange tree. Finally, it appears. Pink is the thick peel the rays went through, spreading a calming and warming  aura in the air. Time is suspended, like a sailboat floating on the ocean without a breeze.

At the height of summer,
Between warmth and passionate cocktail,
It’s time for sweet relief,
In the shadow of fruit trees.
The taste buds find happiness from the acidity of the citrus fruits.
Attractive gold, swirling pink, appetizing yellow,
It’s all the color of sunny days.

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One Shot Media’s grade for Obvious Liquids’ PINK


Lavis-de-lequipe-300x300 note obvious RE

Brice Willis: “I have vaped quite a bit of the liquid that this Pink is based on. In the main lines, the recipe is the same but the realization is much better. Where the original is quite raw without a real possibility to distinguish the different flavors, there we have fun playing with our palate to find the citrus notes very well done and the grenadine, exotic fruits are more in the background but they bring a balance to the liquid.
Clearly my favorite of the range!”

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How do I use a Longfill vial?

Your Longfill vial has a capacity of 60ml when filled with 10ml of concentrated liquid. Before spraying, you only need to insert 50ml of base or booster. With this type of vial, you can make your DIY mixes very easily.

Dosages Longfill*

Prepare your nicotine base first and add the right amount of concentrate to complete your preparation.
Or you can simply add base or boosters to your liquid :

Without nicotine, complete your bottle with 50ml of base.

For 03mg, add 1 booster and top up with base.

For 06mg, add 2 boosters and complete with base.

For 09mg, add 3 boosters and complete with base.

For 12mg, add 4 boosters and complete with base.

* Approximate doses calculated with 20 mg boosters.

What’s the difference between a Longfill and a Shortfill ?

The main difference between a shortfill and a longfill is the amount of flavour concentrate they contain:

- a Shortfill is a 60 ml bottle containing 50 ml of liquid with an overdosed of aromas.

- A Longfill is a 60 ml bottle containing 10 ml of concentrate.

You must necessarily add nicotine and/or base to your liquid.

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