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The Ursa Nano Art is a tribute to Lost Vape and its Ursa Nano range. It is a pod with a transparent body, aesthetically elaborate and ideal for beginner vapers. It also provides 800 mAh of autonomy, a maximum power of 18W, a capacity of 2.5ml, improved flavours and large clouds. All of these features allow the user to vape in excellent conditions.

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A slim device with a good feel

Like the previous models in the Ursa Nano range, the Ursa Nano Art has a visual appeal. Lost Vape has used transparent polycarbonate for its manufacture and the result is a pod with a colourful, attractive body through which beautiful patterns can be seen, dominated by the stylish Ursa or Lost Vape inscriptions.

On the other hand, the manufacturer also pays attention to hand comfort. It has been designed with curved edges and dimensions of 108.9 x 25 x 15mm, making it slim, easy to grip and easy to carry, especially as it weighs only 36.7g. Its owner can therefore easily insert it into a pocket, handbag or purse. The Ursa Nano Art is a perfect combination of visual appeal and practicality.

Features appreciated by novice vapers

Lost Vape has simplified the operation of this model as much as possible, as it does not require any settings, button presses or screens. The user will only have to inhale to activate (at high speed) this device thanks to the auto-draw system.

In addition, the Ursa Nano Art is oriented towards an MTL draw and its power varies from 5 to 18W, which is perfect for anyone new to vape.

Otherwise, this Ursa Nano Art has a built-in battery that offers a life of 800 mAh. It is enough to vape during a whole day and its recharging is done quickly through a USB Type-C cable (supplied) that must be connected to the port positioned under the pod.

And to close this chapter on technicality, let us specify that this e-cigarette is equipped with Lost Vape Quest, a chipset that provides 3 protections, namely a protection against short circuits, a protection against excessive discharge of the battery and a protection against overheating.

A 2.5ml cartridge

With this pod, the user will be able to vape using a cartridge capable of great performance. The cartridge can hold 2.5ml of e-liquid, is filled from the side and has a mouthpiece that lips will appreciate its ergonomics. In addition, its design limits the risk of leaks.

But the best part of this cartridge is its compatibility with the UB Mini coils of Lost Vape. 2 are provided :

  • A UB Mini S1 coil with a value of 0.8 ohm
  • A UB Mini S2 coil with a value of 1 ohm

These coils benefit from a life expectancy increased by 50%, generate flavours also improved by half and give rise to dense clouds of steam. The box is compatible with Ursa Nano 2.5ml cartridges with built-in coil.

The Ursa Nano series does not fail to live up to its reputation. The Ursa Nano Art has nothing to envy the other models in the range and whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper looking for an additional electronic cigarette, you can only be convinced by its capabilities.

Contents :

  • 1x Ursa Nano Art Pod device
  • 1x Ursa cartridge
  • 1x UB Mini S2 coil 1 ohm
  • 1x UB Mini S1 coil 0,8 ohm
  • 1x Type-C charging cable
  • 1x warranty card
  • 1x user manual