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Geekvape is moving into second gear with a new version of Aegis Boost, this is the Aegis Boost Pro 2 kit. This new kit is designed with the new Tri-Proof anti-shock technology. But that's not all, it supports the new P XM coils with double the life. Geekvape has gone all out for this new kit with dimensions of 121.2 x 43.7 x 31.6 mm. On the technical side, the Aegis Boost Pro 2 goes up to 100W of power and offers different modes to please many vapers. Finally, the new cartridge that accompanies the kit is a capacity of 4.5ml.

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Aegis Boost Pro2: Compact and durable

Geekvape is well known for its kits with unmatched strength. The Aegis range is fully certified IP68, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. This resistance technology is called Tri-Proof by the brand for triple protection. With this new kit Aegis Boost Pro 2, also called B100, Geekvape officializes the new version of its Tri-Proof technology. The latter is even more resistant to shocks to accompany the most daredevil vapers.

On the purely visual level, this new kit is beautiful. It is a beautiful product with metallic colors and a leather guard for a very pleasant grip. With dimensions of 121.2 x 43.7 x 31.6 mm, the Aegis Boost Pro 2 fits in any pocket and knows how to be discreet. An ergonomic product, all-purpose, resistant and especially powerful.

A mode for each profile of vapoteur

This kit B100, as its nickname suggests, offers up to 100W of power. It is possible to vary the power between 5 and 100W for a customizable vape. Note that with this power, the Aegis Boost Pro 2 is the most powerful pod of the series Aegis with the kit Eteno. Very good performance in a pocket size.

To make the most of this power, Geekvape has incorporated its famous AS-Chip 3.0 chipset that is the glory of the Aegis range. This chip provides the vapoteur with many modes: Smart / VW / Boost / VPC / TC (Ni, Ti, SS) / TCR. To navigate smoothly and without getting lost between modes, the front of this kit consists of two selection buttons and a beautiful curved color screen of 0.96 inch. This screen allows you to keep an eye on the essential information such as the power, the mode or the coil equipped.

Some details about the modes. We are faced with the classic except for the Smart mode and the Boost mode. The first one will be for the lovers of flavors since it automatically calculates the best parameters for a tasty draw. On the other hand, the Boost mode will please all cloud creators since it optimizes the vape to produce the most steam possible. With its two modes, the Aegis B100 is sure to please many vapers.

Finally, to operate this little gem of a vape, the Aegis Boost Pro 2 supports an 18650 battery (not supplied). This external battery offers a significant autonomy, regardless of the mode selected. For charging the battery, Geekvape provides a USB Type-C cable. But it will always be advisable to charge a battery via a dedicated external charger.

The new Aegis Boost Pro2 cartridge

To go with all the new features of the mod, Geekvape has developed a new cartridge with a superior air intake system. The rise of air through the center of the cartridge will then promote a precise air flow and good quality flavors.

The cartridge Aegis Boost Pro 2 is a capacity of 4.5ml. A capacity large enough to not have to refill with e-liquid too often. About the filling, it is done from the top, after lifting the anti-leakage tab.

To finish with this new cartridge, it supports the new coils P XM from GeekvapeThe P XM coils with a value of 0.15ohm have been reworked to have a doubled life compared to the old version. The cartridge also supports the other resistors of the P series, some will be much more suitable for a tasty vape, unlike the 0.15ohm which will be expert in the production of steam. Note that a P resistor with a value of 0.15ohm is already pre-installed in the cartridge provided. There is also a 0.4ohm P-resistor supplied in addition.

Once the resistor is worn out, it is possible to replace it without changing the entire cartridge.

In summary, the kit Aegis Boost Pro 2 is a product almost out of the ordinary that will meet the requirements of both beginners and experienced vapers, vapers who love flavors as clouds, not to mention adventurers vapers. Geekvape offers a versatile kit; resistant and powerful.

Contents :

  • 1 x Box Aegis Boost Pro 2
  • 1 x Cartridge Aegis Boost Pro 2
  • 1 x Coil P XM of 0.15 ohm
  • 1 x Coil of 0.4ohm P
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x Spare parts pack
  • 1 x coil tool