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Enjoy fresh mentha flavour.

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Fresh T

An escapee from the planet Mint, Fresh T is the intergalactic traveler of the Mad Maniacs. From his travels, he’s brought back flavors of mint and tea. With his zany extraterrestrial look, he likes to debunk stereotypes about mentholated liquids, accompanied by his fearsome blaster with hypnotic waves. It’s towards infinity and beyond that it will reveal all its subtlety, all condensed into a 50mL vial!

Discover the entire Mad Maniacs range by LOVE IS ALL!

Passionate about vape, the LOVE IS ALL team is determined to offer new flavors with exclusive recipes created just for you! In the French eliquid panorama, LOVE IS ALL aims to stand out from the crowd through the uniqueness of its ranges.

With a view to offering excellence in our vials, we approached the flavourists at LABO BASQUE to develop and manufacture our recipes. After spending many months reworking every detail, we are delighted to unveil our first range under the name MAD MANIACS.

MAD MANIACS is the meeting of a band of vape zinzins, FRESH T, STRAW MAMA, HONEY JACK and GREEN FIZZY, who have concocted 4 flavors, each more insane than the last.

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